KidSport's Top Notch Club

The KidSport Top-Notch Club is a program designed for Edmonton’s Sport Clubs who strive to deliver Grade-A, Gold-Standard, Top-Notch - youth sport programs. This program helps KidSport ensure that our kids receive equal access to sport opportunities and most importantly, sport opportunities that are verified to be safe and good quality sport programs.

For Sport Clubs to receive funding from KidSport Edmonton (KSE), they must follow the steps below, annually, and when requested. 

How it works: A KidSport volunteer will call each sport club once a year to ask for...
- Either - Coach Certificate, Background Screening Verification, or Coach/Instructor Insurance.
- A (suggested) donation of $25 to help KSE administer KidSport’s ‘So ALL Kids Can Play!’ Grant Program

To thank each sport club, KSE will:
- Promote each Sport Club on KSE’s website
- Actively promote programing via social media
- Each Sport Club logo in KSE’s Annual Review

Failure to abide with 30 days of the initial point of contact results in
- Removal from KidSport’s Top-Notch Program

More details and if you've got questions, we've got answers! 
Reach out to us:
(780) 803-8765