Your donation goes directly towards subsidizing sport registration fees for kids who live at/below the poverty line & it's easy to support - click HERE to get a KidSport kid into sport!

With your support, KidSport Edmonton provides children with an opportunity towards learning leadership, hard work, dedication, and self-confidence, along with building healthy lifestyle habits and providing kids with the supportive network often found in a team setting. Through sport they also gain the opportunity to access mentorship and guidance from experienced sport leaders to further develop their skills in something that interests them. Your donation to KidSport Edmonton helps us make it ... So Kids Can Play!

To put funds into perspective, each year we provide $250 per eligible child, to an organized sport(s) of their choice. Through our partnership with Sport Central, we are also able to outfit kids head to toe in gently used equipment.

Below are some examples of how much each sport costs to play:

$70 - a child can learn to swim
$90 - a child can learn to skate
$125 - a child can participate in soccer
$250 - a child can participate in gymnastics, football, dance or hockey
 *All eligible donations of $20.00 and over receive a tax receipt*