Your support provides kids from Edmonton with the opportunity to grow through sport. 100% of funds raised in KidSport Edmonton stay in Edmonton!

Click HERE to get a KidSport kid into sport:
$50 - a child can learn to swim
$75 - a child can participate in soccer
$125 - a child can participate in football
$250 - a child can participate in gymnastics, dance, hockey, + 35 other sports!
 *All eligible donations of $20.00 and over receive a tax receipt*

 The Power of Sport
With your support, KidSport Edmonton helps local kids experience the lifelong benefits of sport; kids learn leadership, hard work, dedication, and self-confidence, and build the habits and support network necessary to become healthy adults. But don't just hear it from us... 

'Being a part of the football team has taught me to stand up and speak up for myself, because in football you cannot be shy. In football, you have to be focused and be able to make the moves, instead of standing still and being knocked to the ground. I learned how to work within a team, and do my part, because other people are relying on me. I learned that, even when I am scared of something, to just do it, then I will not be afraid of it anymore. In football, my heart races the whole bus ride to the game, and through the warm ups, too. My heart races until the first snap of the game, and then I am focused, because I have also learned to perform under pressure. Thank you, KidSport! '
- Moulid, 16 yr old KidSport Kid