The Gregor & Struds Adventure

September 28 2018

Imagine if Amazing Race & Survivor got married and had a baby; that is the event you’re signing up for! And with class-acts like Gregor & Struds leading this Adventure- you may even get an opportunity to face-off against them in a challenge; did I just hear someone yell ‘Sign me up?!’, I think I did!

Be ready to shape up and ship out on Friday September 28th for another one-of-a-kind fundraising event supporting KidSport Edmonton. You can expect a full day of laughter, team work, challenges of the physical and mental sort, networking and did we mention laughter? 

Your $1400 Team Ticket gets you and your 3 other partners in crime……
*drum roll please* …

A hot breakfast to kick off the day, fun challenges around the City to conquer, transportation to get to and from said challenges, followed by dinner and a show, AND a portion of your team fees will go towards KidSport Edmonton’s mission of making the financial assist to get vulnerable kids from the bench and onto the ice rink, via KidSport Edmonton’s, ‘So ALL Kids Can Play’ Sport Registration Fee Assistance Program.

Have we sold ya on it yet?? If so, or if you’d like to read more, click HERE

Dayna Hyman - Executive Director - KidSport Edmonton
(780) 492-0095