#JobLove when you have the opportunity to introduce current KidSport kids (who love to box) to a past KidSport kid who is currently going Pro for Boxing in the Philippines!

KSYYC Ambassador, Past KidSport kid and current Boxer, Eldrine Soriano stopped by the office today to meet Dakota, Gemini and Izzy; KidSport kids with the heart for sport.

Hearing Eldrine have a one-on-three conversation with the girls was heart warming; to say the least!

His encouragement to take the higher road when bullies show up, to 'zoning in' whenever you're doing something you love, to using sport as a gateway for success was beyond inspiring. 
Thanks for sharing your story with these girls, Eldrine! 
Your story and these girls are the reason why the staff and volunteers of KidSport Calgary work hard everyday to raise funds so we can continue to make it #SoALLKidsCanPlay