KidSport Calgary is proud to announce our March MVP, Oliver Vikalo- who is a past KidSport Calgary kid and today he plays for Canada on the Men's National Water Polo Team! Oliver is 1 of the 32,000 kids that we've supported with sport registration fees for the past 21 years and we're thrilled to be a part of his journey. 

About Oliver:
Moving to Canada in ‘94 with his family as they fled the Yugoslav Wars, The Vikalo family didn’t have a lot of funds to put their kids into sport. After finding out about KidSport Calgary, Oliver was placed into water polo- a popular sport back home. Time in the pool at a young age helped Oliver become the athlete he is today and has provided him with the opportunity to play for Canada on the Men’s National Water Polo Team.
Oliver is 1 of the 32,000 Calgary kids that KidSport Calgary has supported in it’s 21 years of service. He acts as a representative of all the kids that have benefited from the KidSport Calgary program, his goal is to support in spreading awareness and raise funds as he knows that this program can be a game changer for youth in our backyard.

Fun Facts:
- Graduated from the University of Calgary with a Degree in Energy Management
- He is an avid hiker and camper and his karaoke song is R.Kelly - Ignition(Remix)

 Want to get to know him more? We don't blame you, check him out here: