KidSport Calgary Donor Development Committee

The KidSport Calgary board is currently seeking volunteers for our Donor Development Committee.  This volunteer committee reports directly to the board and is responsible for networking, fostering strong relationships between KidSport and interested supporters as well as raising funds to support KidSport Calgary’s annual fundraising needs.

Below is a description of the expectations for a volunteer on the Donor Development Committee.

1.      Time commitment – The committee aims to meet once a month for approximately one hour.  Meetings may be conducted in person or over the phone.  Occasionally a volunteer on this committee would be expected to make an appearance on behalf of KidSport at community and or corporate events.  A volunteer for this committee would need to be comfortable committing approximately 5 hours a month of personal time over and above the monthly meeting.

2.      Process Commitment – A volunteer on this committee must be willing to work collaboratively with other members and maintain a consistent message. Fund development through community engagement would be a main focus of this committee as KidSport Calgary aims to grow the profile of this team and of the organization.

3.      Monetary Commitment – A fundraising target will be decided upon by the members of the committee.  Members will seek to raise funds for KidSport as well as personally commit funds to help KidSport reach its fundraising targets for the year.

4.      Expected volunteer skillset – A successful donor committee member would have contacts in various industries and would be willing to exploit and leverage these contacts in support of KidSport.  A committee member would have access to KidSport staff and materials to support their asks.  Committee members would need to feel comfortable contacting individuals and companies about becoming major donors, individual donors, monthly donors, event sponsors or auction contributors.

Fundraising targets for the Donor Development Committee are tied directly to the demand for KidSport here in Calgary & Area.

The Donor Development committee would have specific goals that all members are working towards.  Some of these goals will include:

  • Grow a certain number of new contributors in a calendar year.  The number will be determined by the committee and KidSport Calgary
  • Develop new monthly recurring donors as well as multi-year partners
  • Establish a target market and interplay with KidSport Calgary Major Gift Campaign
  • Develop a new pipeline of donors at various stages
  • Annual fundraising goals tied to KidSport Calgary operational budget of 2.5 million per calendar year

The Donor Development Committee is chaired by Paul Ritchie, Vice President Sales and Client Services at Osprey Informatics. 

Interested candidates should send their resume and email stating their interest to Chelsea Ince, Partnership Coordinator for KidSport Calgary at

Recruitment is ongoing, Spots will be filled on the committee throughout the remainder of 2018 and into 2019.

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of this committee or the information laid out above please feel free to contact our team with questions

 Paul Ritchie                                                               Chelsea Ince                                

Kevin Webster
Executive Director

KidSport Calgary Phone – 403-202-0251