Mikayla Martin

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  • Canadian

She grew up in Squamish BC with a passion for the outdoors. Mikayla fell in love with skiing at the age of eight and since then she has had a burning desire to be one of the best in the world and compete in the Olympics. Skiing has lead her to many incredible places across Canada, the USA, Europe, South America and even to New Zealand where she won the World Junior Championships in Ski Cross, but Calgary has become her base for the winter months. Her passion for sports extends beyond just skiing, she loves rock climbing, soccer, squash, hockey, almost any sport regardless of how good or bad she may be at it, she just loves to play.  As a teenager she also competed in mountain bike races at the national level but for most of her bike racing career she was the only female on a male dominated team and although she enjoyed competing and training with the boys, the lack of female companionship was a major factor in her eventual departure from the sport.  Influenced by this experience she has made it her goal to help get more kids involved in sports so they all have more friends and team-mates to practice and compete with and will all have more fun!

Sport means so much to her, it has shaped her entire life and the person she have become.  Mikayla has found it is a place where differences disperse, where hard work pays off, where irreplaceable friendships are developed and where life-lessons are learned. For her it is a magical place where you can become so involved in what you are doing that the rest of the world just slips away and all that matters is the pure joy of the moment. she can’t imagine not having sport in her life and she passionately wants to help every child get their chance to play and to experience being uplifted and transported by the wonderful world of sport! 

Website: mikaylamartin.com