Calgary Corporate Challenge - Charity Challenge Info Page

Attention - Calgary Corporate Challenge Company Coordinators

2020 is a HUGE year for KidSport and the Calgary Corporate Challenge as we both celebrate our 25th Anniversaries.  We want you to be part of this exciting milestone as we celebrate 25 years of assisting over 52,000 local kids and helping us pave the path to the next 25 years of building up our community through the kids we are investing in!

You can find a copy of our 2020 Charity Challenge Giving Opportunities here

A look back on the 2018 Calgary Corporate Challenge - Adopt an Athlete Division Winners
Blue Division - Real Estate Council of Alberta $500
White Division - Bonavista Energy Corp. - $2,000
Purple Division - Wawanesa Insurance $500
Orange Division - Altalink - $13,193
Red Division - KEYERA Energy. - $2,320
Green Division - Diversified Staffing / PEO Canada - $2,000

2020 GOAL - $75,000 toward the $2.4 million we will need to raise in our community this year to support the over 6,000 local kids registration fee assistance and another 3,000 kids with no cost equipment through our Comrie's Sports Bank

Online Donation Portal Details: Follow the online donation portal link below.  Click the sign up button in the top left corner. Then click the create a team button and proceed with entering the necessary info.  Once you have set up your team as a company coordinator you will be able to email your staff/team with a link directly to your team page.  The portal will total donations as they come and issue tax receipts directly.

Online Portal Link

Please click here for the online donation portal to set up your company donation page. 

-Online fundraising you can contact Lisa in our office to confirm the total once your team hits the deadline of September 25th, 2020
-Manual submissions can be dropped off at the KidSport Calgary booth which will be located at the Calgary Corporate Challenge Drop Off on Saturday September 26th  -Alternatively you can mail/courier/drop off your donation to the KidSport Calgary office by Friday September 25th, 2020by 12:00pm (noon) 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lisa - or 403-202-0251.

Tax Receipting Rules

COMPANIES issuing a donation cheque from a BUSINESS account(s):
-Corporate donations of $20 or more are eligible to receive a charitable tax receipt.
-Online Corporate Donations using the team page you have set up will receive tax receipts directly from the online system to the email address and contact info you submit online
-For manual corporate donations, please fill out this Donor Form completely and submit it with the donation cheque preferably in person at Charity Challenge Drop Off Day Saturday September 26th.  A tax receipt for manual submissions will be issued to the address indicated on the form within 3 months.

COMPANIES issuing a donation cheque that is a COLLECTION of employee contributions:
-Companies CAN issue a donation cheque that is made up of money raised by employees; however, the company or any individual(s) is NOT eligible to receive a tax receipt for this type of donation since the charitable donations have been contributed by a group of individuals.
-In this case, individual employees are eligible to receive a tax receipt providing their personal donation totals $20 or more.
-For employee donations requiring tax receipts, please fill out individual Donor Forms for each person requiring a tax receipt and submit it along with the donation cheque(s). Employees who have donated an eligible amount will receive a tax receipt for their contribution within 3 months.
-Companies ARE eligible to receive a tax receipt if they provide a charitable donation over and above what was collected from employees (i.e. matching donation).  In this case, please fill in the company’s information on a donor form and a tax receipt will be issued to the company for the eligible donation amount.
-Or to make things real easy, set up your online team donation page and have employees and your employee contribute there directly.  Tax receipts will be issued directly to the individual respective donors through this system.  No Donor forms or tracking sheets are required.

EMPLOYEES making a donation by cash or cheque:
-For all employee donations, please fill out the attached Donor Form. All information listed on the attached form is required to process a tax receipt. Only donations of $20 and more are eligible for a tax receipt.
-CASH: Please do not send cash through the mail. Ensure you have recorded the donor information on the Employee Contribution Tracking Sheet  and either bring the cash to the KidSport booth on September 26th or get a money order issued for the cash donations through a banking institution or arrange a personal drop off at our office.
-Cash donations that are not recorded on a Donor Form cannot be tax receipted.
- Employees are only eligible for a tax receipt for donations they personally make, if the total donation is from an event, 5050 or a pooling of other funds raised by employees it is not eligible as per CRA guidelines
If possible please do not send any loose coin; if possible please have it changed into bills at a bank before delivery.
-CHEQUE: Please record the donor information on the Employee Contribution Tracking Sheet  and mail the cheques with the completed tracking sheet to KidSport prior to end of the Charity Challenge Drop off event on September 26th.