Tax Credits

Thanks for donating or thinking of donating to KidSport Calgary! Your donation to KidSport Calgary is eligible for valuable charitable tax credits. Did you know that if you’re an Alberta resident, the first $200 of all your gifts to charities entitles you to a tax credit of 25% (15% federal tax credit and 10% provincial tax credit). All gifts over the initial $200 entitles you to a tax credit of 50% (29% federal and 21% provincial).

And did you know that the government of Canada has introduced a tax incentive of an additional 25% in tax credits on donations of up to $1,000 for first time donors and donors who haven't claimed a donation since 2007? You can learn more about this on Canada Revenue Agency's website. This is known as the First-time Donor's Super Credit (FDSC).

Alberta Tax Credit Calculations

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