"Dear KidSport Calgary,
Thank you so much for approving funding for my son to play hockey with AMHA this season.
He is thrilled to know he will have another season on the ice, and we are extremely grateful to you for making that happen.
All the very best to you,


I am so moved by your sponsorship that I don't know what to say. I guess "thank you" is a good place to start. This means so much to my daughter, and as a single mother of two I was heartbroken for not being able to invest in her dream and aspiration.
Thank you many times over,
Claudia (a happy mother)"


"Hi KidSport Calgary,
I just wanted to say thank you for supporting Sierra in her Calgary BMX membership. She is a great girl who will make a positive contribution to our club!
We know you have made a difference to this family and we are thankful this has worked out.
Once again, we appreciate our partnership with KidSport Calgary!
Karen Chirzynski and Calgary BMX" 


"Dear Donors,
Thank you for approving the KidSport Calgary and Area Fund for CSWU  to my son : Aleksey
It has been  a positive impact for us, given though he was used to play sports back home, and for the past two years he was lacking of it and it reflected in his personality and confidence.. 
This was a great gift for us as a family because now he has a positive attitude towards life again, he is more active and improving at school as well..   
Thank you,


"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for this program. As a single mother, it is important that my boys are involved in sports to keep them busy. As a low-income citizen, I have been using the KidSport program for my children who have found a passion and love for soccer. The skills and experience the will have for life is made possible because of you, so on behalf of my kids and I, BIG, HUGE, GIANT THANK YOU.
A proud soccer mom of 3 amazing athletes J. T."