Brettzky Hockey Challenge

June 19 2015

1 in 3 families are unable to afford to enroll their kids in organized sports. The Brettzky's Hockey Challenge asks you join our team to help change this.

Teaming up with KidSport, Brettzky's Hockey Challenge is raising money to help kids get a chance to play the game we all love! This online donation campaign accompanies a charity hockey tournament and auction to change the lives of kids everywhere.  

100% of all proceeds will go towards helping kids play hockey. Every season of sport goes a long way to change a kid's life and giving those who are under resourced more chances in life through the power of sport. 

More and more kids are becoming team players every day. They're given the opportunity to swing a bat, shoot a puck, or smash a ball for happier, healthier lives thanks to donors like you, be a part of our team - the winning team.