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"Thank you so much for enrolling me in Junior Parkour!"

Those were the words of my six-year old as she hugged me after her first lesson. I did not expect such gratitude and enthusiasm from a young one and it was overwhelming. I explained to her she was very fortunate that KidSport made it possible for her to have that kind of fun.

There was a time when I could only feel sorry for the kids when they talked about their friends who had lessons in dance and sports. They didn't demand but I could sense the feelings of envy. As much as we wanted to get them into sports, we just could not afford the cost, and while there were organizations who provided assistance for underprivileged kids, we wouldn't qualify because our income was slightly above the low-income cut-off.

Then we got introduced to KidSport late in 2016. It was the only option left to fund our eldest daughter's spot in the school volleyball team which she worked so hard to qualify for--so we sent in an application. Long story short, KIDSPORT broke down the financial barrier. From then on our four kids have either been in swimming, climbing, basketball, volleyball and the latest, parkour.

THANK YOU so much to KIDSPORT and your generous donors for not turning us away. Words are not enough to show our gratefulness so I'm sending my kids' HUGS as well.

- Grace, KidSport parent


“I am extremely grateful for KidSport. As a single working parent without support, my child can participate in activities without it being a worry for me of "can I afford this?” which in turn, reduces my stress levels. Thank you!”


“KidSport has given my daughters opportunities I couldn't give them, and taught them real life skills I couldn't teach them; confidence in public, friendship, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Thanks to KidSport Alberta."


“There aren't enough words to convey how much I appreciate and depend on the KidSport sports funding to keep my wonderful kids busy and focused. Sports keep them busy and helps them prioritize to complete other responsibilities so they may attend their sports. It also builds enormous confidence in them year after year! Thank you for giving them the chances I never had and bringing all of us smiles season after season!”