KidSport chapters across Alberta to raise $6 million in 2020 to give more kids the opportunity to play organized sports.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – [14 January, 2019] – When we play, we learn! In 2020, KidSport will celebrate its 25th anniversary of supporting kids through organized sport. To commemorate this milestone, KidSport is launching its 25th Anniversary Campaign with a goal of raising more than $6 million throughout the year to continue helping kids across our province.

In 2018, 38 KidSport chapters across Alberta helped 13,864 kids play organized sports by distributing $3.2 million for registration fees. KidSport has grown year-over-year, and is expected to show even higher numbers once 2019’s reporting is compiled. Albertans are encouraged to get involved with their local campaign by attending a community event, volunteering or making a financial contribution. All these things help make sure that KidSport continues its legacy of ensuring all kids have the opportunity to play for another 25 years.

“We’re hoping to more than double our impact in the community and enable thousands of deserving kids to participate in organized sport,” Greg Ingalls, Executive Director of KidSportAlberta. “Funds raised by KidSport chapters will go directly into their communities. When you donate to KidSport you are supporting community growth and giving each KidSport kid astronger future.”

Since 1995, KidSport chapters across Alberta have assisted over 120,000 kids who would not have otherwise been able to afford to play.

“The lessons we learn through sports remind us to work hard, do our best, be gracious in victory or defeat and to never give up,” said Kelly Blackshaw, Chair of KidSport’s 25th Anniversary Committee. “We want to ensure that every child has an equal opportunity to participate in sport and learn these essential life skills. KidSport has been around for 25 years, and demand for our program has grown through the years. It’s essential we celebrate this milestone, while also looking to the future and ensuring we have the resources to never turn a qualified kid away.”

To learn more about the KidSport’s 25th Anniversary Campaign or to make a financial contribution, please visit, and follow #KidSport25 on all social media platforms. Donate today, So ALL Kids Can Play!

About KidSport

KidSport is a national non-profit organization that gets kids off the sidelines by removing the financial barriers that prevent youth from participating in organized sport. KidSport has 38 operating chapters in local communities across Alberta, all committed to making sure that ALL Kids Can Play!

For media inquiries please contact:

Greg Ingalls, KidSport Alberta Executive Director

T: 403-607-3875


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