KidSport is excited to partner with Edmonton’s local Aviator’s Basketball Club for the Junior NBA Program starting on October 9, 2016 (second registration is on February 12, 2017).

This program, through the Aviator’s Basketball Club, will generate funds for KidSport through registration fees. The Junior NBA Program is being offered to kids aged 5-7 in the Edmonton area. The Club has a mission to provide an opportunity for all kids to be able to play the sport of basketball. The Aviator's mission  is a grassroots initiative to create a home for basketball players. Male or Female, Beginner or Advanced, Young or Vintage, Tall or Short, you will find a basketball home here with our Aviators Basketball Club family!

  • Basketball is the hardest school team sport to make, with limited roster sports. The Aviator’s Basketball Club takes players who have not made their school team.
  • Cost of programming, although less than most sports, is still restrictive. We work with players and parents to get them active, regardless of financial capacity.
  • Males, females, cultures, ages, abilities – ALL openly accepted
  • We teach players that character is priority number one and that failure is encouraged as long as they are willing to learn.

Here are some of KidSport Alberta’s Basketball statistics:

    • In 2015, KidSport Alberta helped 529 kids get into the sport of basketball, funding a total of $138,590. This is an increase of 44% in kids helped and a 63% increase in dollars funded!
    • Top 10 most funded sports since 1995