When we listen, we learn. 

This March, KidSport would like to introduce ambassador Catriona Le May Doan as part of our 25th Anniversary Campaign! Catriona is a great example of how we can learn by listening to others in sport and everyday life!

What is the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign? 

KidSport turns 25 this year! To celebrate, the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign was created. Expect to see new stories every month in 2020 from other KidSport ambassadors. These ambassadors will be sharing how their sport skills have become life skills. 

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Catriona Le May Doan: 

"Speed skating is such a technical sport, I have always relied on our coaches and the experts to help me be the best technical skater and that meant years of continuous feedback from them so that I could improve." Catriona Le May Doan, Canadian speed skater, double Olympic champion, and president & CEO of Sport Calgary. 

Though she has been a retired athlete for 16 years, Catriona uses the feedback that she has learned from sport in her daily life. “I have learned so much about my limits physically, but also mentally, and I have learned how to deal with stress, anxiety, and pressure. I have learned, I would say most importantly, respect for myself, and respect for others”. 

Even after the Olympics, Catriona was still learning how to be her best. Everyday for her was a day to learn about dealing with success and setbacks. For Catriona, the very idea of learning is something that will continue to be constant throughout people’s lives. “We must continue to learn our entire lives, and even now, I listen to others and learn from them on how to improve in all I do”.