When we stand up for each other, we learn. 

This June, KidSport would like to introduce ambassadors Maria Samson and Mozac Samson as part of our 25th Anniversary Campaign! Both Maria and Mozac are great examples of how we can learn from our setbacks in sport and everyday life!

What is the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign? 

KidSport turns 25 this year! To celebrate, the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign was created. Expect to see new stories every month in 2020 from other KidSport ambassadors. These ambassadors will be sharing how their sport skills have become life skills. 

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Maria Samson: 

Meet Maria Samson, this month's #KidSport25 Ambassador and a decorated Canadian Rugby Athlete! Maria played on the Canadian National Women's Rugby team from 2011-2016. During her career, she was named the Rugby Canada Player of the Year in 2012 and was a silver medallist in the 2014 Rugby World Cup.

Decorated Canadian Rugby player, Maria Samson shared with us how this "skill of the month" has helped her in her life:

"I have been so lucky to have the confidence to be an advocate for my teammates and clubmates from early in my sporting career. By standing up for others, I've learnt how to articulate an idea, how to be diplomatic and how to positively influence others. At the time, I never realized how important all these skills would be off the field of play as a coach, a director and in the corporate world. Looking back, I'm so glad I used those opportunities to speak up and learn."

Mozac Samson: 

We are very pleased to introduce Mozac Samson, one of our #KidSport25 ambassadors! Mozac Samson is a Canadian rugby player, who played on the 2016 Canadian National Team, was a Canadian Rugby Championship winner in 2015, and a Major League Rugby Champion (Seattle Seawolves) in 2018.

As a decorated Canadian rugby player, Mozac Samson shared with us how this month's skill "when we stand up for each other, we learn." applies to his story:

"In sport, we sometimes look the other way when things get tough, especially when selection is involved or when a teammate is getting singled out. Standing up for teammates or coworkers gives them courage through empowerment. Recently, I had an opportunity to speak out about a coach that negatively impacted me earlier in my career. I realized in that moment I should have spoken up earlier. When we stand up for ourselves and others, we learn that being an advocate is the right thing to do, even when it is so easy to stay silent. Choosing what’s right over what’s easy makes us better leaders and better people."

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