When we practice, we learn. 

This July, KidSport would like to introduce ambassadors Marco Carducci and Stephanie Labbé as part of our 25th Anniversary Campaign! Both Marco and Stephanie are great examples of how we can learn from our setbacks in sport and everyday life!

What is the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign? 

KidSport turns 25 this year! To celebrate, the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign was created. Expect to see new stories every month in 2020 from other KidSport ambassadors. These ambassadors will be sharing how their sport skills have become life skills. 

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Marco Carducci

Marco Carducci is a Canadian professional soccer goalkeeper and also this month's #KidSport25 Ambassador! Currently, Marco plays for Canadian club Cavalry FC and the Canadian national team.

"I am a big believer in constant improvement and I have many quotes and mantras I live by that are all about practicing, practicing, and practicing some more. In soccer, practice is so important as it is where we learn and improve, preparing ourselves for competition where we learn even more... and the process repeats! Every time I practice, I know that I have the opportunity to sharpen my skills and push my boundaries in my sport. No matter what happens: whether I succeed or fail, when I practice, I always learn. This desire to constantly practice and improve myself started in sport but spilled over into all areas of my life and guides the way I live everyday!"

Stephanie Labbé

Introducing Stephanie Labbé, a Canadian soccer player and one of our July #KidSport25 ambassadors! Stephanie currently plays as a goalkeeper for the North Carolina Courage and for the Canadian women's national team. Stephanie is a decorated athlete winning a bronze medal for Canada at the 2016 Rio Olympics and at the NWSL Championship with the Courage in 2019.

"One thing I have really worked hard on is being present and enjoying the journey more than the destination. This has given me the freedom and joy in practice and in training to push myself in everything I do, without the fear of what the end result may be. The more I enjoy the little moments, the more I focus on pushing myself out of my comfort zone in training, I get more joy and fulfillment out of what I am doing, leading to what most people define as “success”. Even when it is so easy to stay silent. Choosing what’s right over what’s easy makes us better leaders and better people."

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