When we persevere, we learn. 

This January, KidSport would like to introduce ambassadors Erica Wiebe and Kyle Shewfelt as part of our 25th Anniversary Campaign! Both Erica and Kyle are great examples of how we can learn by persevering in sport and everyday life!

What is the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign? 

KidSport turns 25 this year! To celebrate, the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign was created. Expect to see new stories every month in 2020 from other KidSport ambassadors. These ambassadors will be sharing how their sport skills have become life skills. 

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Erica Wiebe:

“In the sport of wrestling, you quite literally get taken down every single day,” Erica Wiebe, decorated Canadian freestyle wrestler and KidSport Ambassador. Early in her wrestling career, Erica learned about the importance of getting back up and persevering.

After giving up everything and moving across the country to join a varsity wrestling team, Erica did not end up making the cut. And, a year before the Olympic Games, Erica lost to another Canadian and did not make the National Team. Nevertheless, she kept going and believed in herself. 

Eventually, Erica’s perseverance enabled her to win a gold medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics Games! Outside of the ring, Erica also learned to persevere in a traditionally male-dominated sport, having to fight for acceptance along the way. 

Kyle Shewfelt: 

For Kyle Shewfelt, being a business owner means that there is a long list of areas that need attention.

“Sport taught me how to prioritize, block out distractions and make a plan to see things through”, Kyle Shewfelt, decorated Olympic Canadian Gymnast, business owner, entrepreneur, parent, and KidSport Ambassador. 

The perseverance that Kyle learned through sport shows up in other facets of his life too. 

“As a parent, perseverance also plays a key role... especially at bed time! When I'm wrestling my tired preschooler to brush her teeth and put on her PJ's, I get flashbacks to those hard days in sport when nothing seemed to be going my way. In these challenging sport moments, I would take a deep breath, refocus my mind and set a small achievable goal in order to gain momentum. I do the exact same thing with my parenting!"

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