When we don’t win, we learn. 

This April, KidSport would like to introduce ambassadors Rebecca Johnston and Brady Leman as part of our 25th Anniversary Campaign! Both Rebecca and Brady are great examples of how we can learn from our setbacks in sport and everyday life!

What is the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign? 

KidSport turns 25 this year! To celebrate, the KidSport 25th Anniversary Campaign was created. Expect to see new stories every month in 2020 from other KidSport ambassadors. These ambassadors will be sharing how their sport skills have become life skills. 

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Rebecca Johnston: 

“I believe you can learn so much from failure and the mistakes you may have made” says Johnston, Canadian National Women’s Hockey Player, two time Olympic gold medalist, and KidSport Calgary Ambassador. 

Rebecca understands the importance of learning from your setbacks. “Losing to the Americans in the finals at the 2018 Olympics was devastating; however, … we learned a lot about ourselves individually and as a team”. 

Johnston bounced back from her setback and took away many important learnings. “There is nothing wrong with not winning or making mistakes because hockey is a game of mistakes”. Rebecca goes on to say that “it’s how you learn from [mistakes] and minimize those mistakes the next time”.

Brady Leman: 

For Brady, sport has been a huge part of his life. “It has given me purpose and drive, allowed me to see the world and travel doing something that I love”, says Leman, reigning Canadian Olympic freestyle skiing Champion in Ski Cross and a proud KidSport Ambassador. 

Although there have been so many positives and highs in Brady’s sporting career, there have been many challenges and lows that he has faced too. 

“Through 10+ years of racing in the Ski Cross World Cup there have been countless lessons learned through failure, but each time I make a mistake or miss the podium I learn a little bit more about myself and what it takes to win.” 

Leman believes that making mistakes is one of the greatest ways you can learn. “Each time that [a mistake] happens it’s one mistake that I know I won’t make again."

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